Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Nail Art

If you haven't already noticed, nail art is hot this season. From animal prints to 60s inspired abstract art, your nails have become the blank canvas. Nail art has made it into the mainstream with a fury that has never been seen before. Open up any fashion magazine, analyze the runways, or watch your favorite style star on TV; in each and every one of these experiences nail art is a primary part of the aesthetic. So why is has it become so popular? The "fashion psychologist" is here to break it down for you!
The new french manicure

The options are endless

1. It's safe Experimenting with your nails is far less threatening than dyeing your hair or wearing an outlandish outfit. Nails often go unnoticed unless you decide that they should capture the attention of others. If you make a mistake with your nails, and realize too late into the staff meeting or family event, you can easily hide your hands and feet before your hyper conservative boss or hyper critical family ever notice.

2. It's cheap Whether you go to a salon or your local grocery store, buying new nails is much kinder to your account than a item of clothing or a new haircut. In tough times, altering your digits is a relatively inexpensive way to explore the trends. 

3. It's not permanent Times, they are a changin'! Things move very fast in this world, as noted in my latest Psychology of Dress Blog. Trying to keep up can be very difficult, especially when it comes to trends. As soon as you are "in" you are already "out." Now I am not one to even suggest that you try to keep up with the fashion treadmill...but if you must, nail art can give you the opportunity to follow the trends. When your nail trend it dead, simply turn to the safety of the noxious polish remover!



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