Thursday, December 1, 2011

Travel Tactics

The Holidays are here! In addition to religious practices, family celebrations, over-the-top feasts, and gift exchanges, travel is an integral part of the "most wonderful time of the year." Traveling is stressful enough, so make preparing for travel easy. Here's Dr. B's Packing 101.

Social Calendar:
Look at the planned activities during your trip. Are there any events that require specific dress, accessories, or undergarments, such as a cocktail dress, workout clothes, snow boots, or a strapless bra? Pack these items first because, although they are often worn the least, they usually take up the most room.

Wear the same item multiple times.  For example, try to have the event clothes and the everyday clothes work together. If you have a black satin heel for a cocktail party you might be able to wear it with jeans and a sparkly holiday sweater for a festive dinner later in the week. Also make sure the everyday items can be worn frequently and intermixed. For example, wear the outfit you traveled to your destination in when leaving.

Maximize your wear with layering pieces. Who wants to wear a dirty sweater or sweaty dress, especially when these items are dry clean only? Wear a fitted silk or cotton shirt underneath sweaters to keep them clean. Also consider wearing a washable button down or turtleneck under a dress that protects the garment from perspiration and oils. Changing these layering pieces daily can stretch an outfit's wear anywhere from two to four days.

Choose an overall look for your holiday wardrobe. Pick a color or style of dress, so that all of your clothes work together and are multipurpose. For example, choose a warm color, such as brown or a cool color, such as black for the major pieces, such as shoes or pants. Then pick complimentary colors for the other pieces, such as a cream or white top and gold or silver jewelry. You can also pick a dress theme such as English Country Side with riding boots, tweeds, and cashmere or Winter Wonderland with fuzzy boots and  fair isle knits.

When you are away from home seek comfort. This includes wearing soft stretchy fabrics, easy-to-walk-in shoes, and low-maintenance jewelry. Remember to consider the weather. If you are going to a warm location don't wear heavy items. If you are entering the cold be sure to pack scarves, hats, and gloves.

On the day of travel try to wear the clothes that would normally take up the most room in your luggage, such as a heavy knit sweater with riding boots. This will mean more room for other clothes or less luggage for you to travel with.  Remember to pad your shoes with gel inserts if your travel plans include walking across the airport or running to catch a bus.

If you pack effectively with efficient items you will have less to lug around, will decrease your traveling costs, and will have room for presents in your luggage when returning.

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