Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Spring Report

Although we are anticipating frosty months, our friends in the design world are forcing our
brains to reject all the sensory cues from our environment that winter lies ahead. In the midst of shorter days, the sound of crunching leaves, the smell of pumpkin spice, and the aching desire for cashmere, we are launched forward to Spring 2012 where the trends of this season are stomped into us as the runway heels that wear them. As you prepare your homes, cars, and self for the cold, why not warm yourself with notions of Spring...for your closet!

Have designers gone soft? For Spring 2012, they certainly have. This season is all about soft flowy fabrics.  Think light cottons and silks draped for movement. Even leathers are treated in such a way to create a liquid look. Designers also turn to sheer fabrics to construct a screen of modesty against bare skin. Short skirts are banded with sheer gauze to fake the maxi look. Sleeveless tops and dresses are covered in mesh jackets. For those who are body conscious, what stockings do for the legs, these coverings do for the rest of the body during a time of year that calls for more exposure.                            

If you were hoping for things to tone down, you are not going to get it this Spring. Although, the nudes, beiges, and camels still have their place, strong saturated colors are in full force. These colors are seen in monochromatic pieces, color blocking reminiscent of the swinging 60s Twiggy movement, and bright tropical florals. These saturated colors are made even more glamourous with the addition of shimmer and shine. Colored metallics are lighting up the Spring season.

Unlike many winter-to-spring transitions that cruelly require we shed our oversized sweaters for fitted silhouettes, this Spring we can have that extra glass of eggnog. As the warm weather approaches designers are draping soft fabrics in loose fitting cuts. As if the relaxed fit weren't enough to induce a collective sigh of relief, the hemlines are getting longer. For those who are excited to show off their feminine curves, the fit-and-flare style of 40s and 50s are also popular. Peplums and ballerina inspired cuts are designed to accentuate all that is woman.

Can't afford anything new this season? Not to worry, the designers this Spring have turned to the past. You can find the 40s and 50s styles in your grandmother's closet and the graphic 60s and glamourous 70s styles in your mother's wardrobe! Don't want to go back, move forward with the sport-inspired styles gracing the catwalks.

With so many wonderful options, we can only hope that Punxsutawney Phil will not see his shadow this year or Santa will kindly bring us a sunlamp.

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