Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Your Top Ten

In the wake of Irene and the shadow of evacuation, I got to thinking. With all of the stuff that we acquire, what would we take with us? Does the answer to this questions offer evidence that what we keep is not necessary, and that what we would take would be our essentials?

I have always been fascinated with those who lead "the simple life," but putting that into practice, particularly with my wardrobe, has been quite the challenge. Specifically, if we were to take the essential contents of the wardrobe what would we pack?

It would seem that those classics we have heard so much about would be the top items on our list. You know the ones of which I speak of blazer, khakis, white button down, LBD, etc. Although these are the items I am supposed to need and want for my perfect wardrobe when I consider being stranded on a desert island or needing to immediately evacuate, these are not the items I would grab. My top ten items are my classics, those things my wardrobe could not live without.

This is meant to be an interactive post so please contribute. Tell the world what your top wardrobe items and links are welcome!

My Top Ten
1. Flare Jeans

Nothing compares to a great pair of jeans. Dressed up, dressed down, skinny, wide, dark light, ripped, or patched, this is everyone's wardrobe staple and with good reason! It always looks good. With or without the 70s trend, I have always favored the wider leg. It lends a figurative and literal flare to any outfit.

2. Platform Wedges

With any great outfit you need great shoes. When I want to feel my best I need height and comfort and platform wedges provide both. They look good with my dresses, pants, jeans, shorts, and skirts.

3. Cream Cashmere Cowlneck Sweater

Clean, classic, and sophisticated, this sweater makes me feel comfortable and warm. The thin knit keeps me from looking like the Marshmallow Puff Man, and I can easily layer without cutting off my circulation. This is a universal piece that works with almost everything in my wardrobe from the knit skirt to jean cutoffs.

4. Concha Belt

I have always been a lover of the specialty piece. The belt can be that piece. Even if your entire wardrobe is composed of, what I like to call blank canvas pieces (those that go with everything anytime anywhere), adding a spectacular belt will make every outfit stand out. Mine is the concha! I was lucky enough to buy mine when I worked for Ralph Lauren. Even though a decade has passed since my purchase, my concha is still in regular rotation.

5. Leather Jacket

Whether you go real or faux, you will never go wrong with this piece. This was my first luxe item in my wardrobe, straight from the runway. No matter what else I wear, putting this on makes it all look good.

6. Caramel Riding Boots

This is my fall and winter staple. I loathe flats, which I consider to be the training wheels of shoes, but this flat boot is the stylish answer to a comfortable shoe.

7. Cream Sheath
My little black dress is the cream sheath. I can wear this anywhere and not fade into the sea of dark fabrics. The seasonless material is as wearable in the summer as the winter. Just by changing my accessories, I can take this dress from desk to disco.

8. Gold Bangles

This is a no brainer in the jewelry department.  Another item that goes with everything for any occasion. You know those items you used to wear that appear in old pics and horrify you? These will never be those items. Wear one or twenty, wear together or with other pieces.

9. Golden Mama Bear Necklace

There are those items that you buy "just cuz" and then there are those you buy to mark a special occasion, milestone, or accomplishment. Every time you look at the piece you are reminded of that particular time in your life and you realize how far you have come, how far you still need to go, or how to get back to that place. My bear necklace is that piece.

10. Light Pink Sequin Dress

Organizers and stylists always tell us to rid the closet of those items that have not been worn in six months or a year....but there are somethings that are only needed for very special occasions, and those occasions may only come about once a year or once in a lifetime. As long as your closet is not filled with these items, you are given a free pass to keep them. I wore my seashell pink dress for my rehearsal dinner and the next time I wear it may be on my fiftieth wedding anniversary, but it will forever remain in my closet!

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