Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Age Issue

It is that time of year, my darlings. Vogue has just released their annual age issue featuring Sarah Jessica Parker. As part of their message, we are told to embrace our age, seek comfort in our own skin, and  fully develop all that we already are. Unfortunately, the eleven other issues we have during the year will spotlight young models, actresses, and socialites. One wonders if a broader range of ages were featured in the pages of the magazine, would an age issue even be necessary? Of course Vogue is not the only magazine to have an age issue, or fail to include women of all ages in the other issues, but at least an attempt has been made.

So as older women are desexualized and deemed irrelevant for all things fashionable, young girls are inappropriately sexualized.  Thylane Lena-Rose Blondeau is the ten-year-old-face of French Vogue and subject of the latest age controversy. Her pouty face, covered in loads of makeup, sits atop a small frame clothed in a deep-v silk blouse. Hailed as the next Brigette Bardot, who was known as a what? A sex symbol! Yes, that's right...let's compare a prepubescent girl, who does not even have the emotional language to navigate this situation and all the reprecussions of it, to an international  subject of male fantasy. This isa  prime example of "what were they thinking?"

Now, if we take these two scenarios throw them together and mix them up, what do we get? The message is quite clear, when you are young you must look older and when are older you must look younger (or you will be discarded). The only remedy for this message is to act your age. If you want to maintain your sanity, no compromise should exist. When you are caught in a battle with your daughter during the back-to-school madness over a mini skirt and tight top, say "no." When you look longingly at the sugary pink ensemble you once wore in college, say "no." Fighting against where you are on the life timeline is a losing battle. When you cave to the unrealistic standards set forth for you, the nagging discontent you feel is worsened by the grasping for an age you will never be or are not supposed to be just yet. Mindfulness practices are a primary component in many psychological healing techniques. When you are mindful, you have an increased awareness AND acceptance of where you are. Use this practice when examining your aging process. Grace and peace comes with an awareness  and acceptance. Yes, you are forty AND you can rock a sheath. Yes, you are a little girl, AND you can wear  a princess dress.

The ever stylish, Carmen Dell'Orefice

Getting older doesn't mean giving up!

Obama girls...always appropriate

Thylane growing up too fast!

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