Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Finding You

We've all heard the expression "She's got the look, " and we know that the woman with the "look" has an intangible quality that makes her special. The most important component of the woman who's got the look is an identifiable look! Her external appearance is distinct enough that an article of clothing or accessory can be deemed "so her." In a sea of carbon copies, trend junkies, and amotivational dressers, finding an interesting look, your signature look, can set you apart from the prefab crowd.

Finding your look requires more than just an examination of the clothing you like or don't like. Finding your look requires an internal examination, something we often recoil from for fear of what we might find. Rather than dressing from the outside in, dress from the inside out. Let the internal world seep through to the external. Use your clothes as an extension of who you are. Here's an easy exercise:

1. Write down 5-10 words that would describe you (internal qualities only!).
2. Based on these descriptors, what might a person wear who has these qualities?
3. Examine the contents of your wardrobe. Do they match who you are?
4. If not, rework the outside to match the inside...and be fearless!

Here are some famous examples of those who are not afraid to let the "you" shine through:

Iris Apfel: Interior designer, HSN jewelry maven, museum installation inspiration, and style icon

Karl Lagerfeld: Fashion designer, Chanel's creative director, and diet guru

Daphne Guinness: Heiress, haute couture collector, armor obsessed, and "International Best Dressed"

Andre Leon Tally: Vogue editor, first family's fashion consultant, author, and America's Next Top Model judge

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