Monday, August 1, 2011

The Summer Classic

We are bombarded with the next latest and greatest pieces on the runway with a force and frequency of a semi automatic. In a sea of color, pattern, form, and fit, becoming the next victim of a trend is as difficult as...well..dodging a bullet! When we hear what is "in" or "hot" and then we look at the meager contents of our own closet, the temptation to belong to the hip crowd can be a sensible option for us. The trends can make us feel that not only are our closets not enough, but we are not enough. If we dress like those in this exciting, fashionable, and glamourous world we must also have all of the qualities of fabulousness just through our clothing choices.

Summer seems to be the most tempting time to follow the trends, as weather does not impede travel to exotic locales, social events increase with a lighter work schedule, and clothing is often less expensive and therefore more accessible. Do not buy into the hype...or the items that go along with it! Stick with the classics, and you will always be in style, not to mention avoid the horrifying experience of seeing yourself in pictures looking completely dated a few years down the road.

Classics are those items that no mater the age or body type of the wearer, occasion, or moment in a span of time, alway look good.  Here's what to buy this summer and every summer:

With a spirit of sport and adventure, this American classic is here to stay!

Chanel accessories
Eva Mendes does it right
Leighton Meester's uptown nautical look
Made famous by YSL and Veruschka, this look can be effortlessly taken from the jungle to the street. One of the most versatile for the summer that can easily be used in the spring and fall.

The Safari Suit
Safari on the runway
The original from YSL

No one needs to know that you never left your house this summer, and with this look no one ever will. Using elements of traditional dress, from the souks of Marrakech to the temple of Ta Prohm in Cambodia, in your wardrobe are a must for the summer.

Angie Harmon exotic
Easy accessories
Underwood on the red carpet

White Hot
This look is not for the faint of heart, stain stick is a must, but nothing beats the heat than an all white ensemble.

Cooling off in white
Elegance from the Sartorialist 

Beach chic
Garden Party
From watercolor pastels to neon Lilly prints, flora and fauna from the spring can easily transition to the summer.

Miss Lilly herself
The most famous of floral accessories
Florals that can be worn spring, summer, and fall

Easy and breezy, this popular look taken from the 60s and 70s, brings the laissez-faire look to your summer style.
Camilla Belle rocks it
Upscale boho
Sienna Miller,  the ultimate boho fashionista

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